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Get Your Global Grounds Commercial Services Maintenance Package

Snow Removal and Ice Care Services
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Global Grounds provides excellent landscaping maintenance, snow removal, and ice management for all types of commercial properties - including condominiums, multi-residential properties, industrial properties, commercial and retail plazas,  and gas stations. 

Global Grounds spotless snow removal cleanup, leaves your driveway or lot clean, safe and perfect for smoothly maneuvering over with your vehicle. 
With top grade equipment, we thoroughly and powerfully get the job done, leaving your driveway looking spotless.

We understand the importance of keeping commercial properties safe and accessible for the public. All your lots and walkways will be clean and safe  for access to get in and out. 

Our Services Offered Include:

- Snow Plowing
- Side Walk and Walk Way Clearing
- Building Entrance Clearing and Shovelling
- Salting
- De-icing
- Snow removal offsite
- Snow relocation onsite
- Salt Bins with refills available
- 24/7 Weather Monitoring
- Regular Site Visits  
- Morning Service Time Guaranteed 
- Unlimited Site Visits during Snow Storms

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Commercial Snow Removal and Ice Care Services

Fresh Snow

Commercial Landscaping and Property Maintenance Services


Global Grounds touch of excellence leaves your lawn or landscape looking its best. We provide excellent landscaping maintenance for all types of commercial properties - including condominiums, multi-residential properties, industrial properties, commercial and retail plazas, and gas stations throughout the Greater Toronto Area - including Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, and Hamilton.
We take pride in keep our clients' properties looking their best - our recommended full package maintenance plans include weekly lawn cutting, edging, flowerbed maintenance, spring/fall cleanups, pruning/hedge trimming, dethatching, aeration, over seeding, fertilization, and weed control. 

Our special touch has your property looking its best, perfect for increasing the demand for your property. 

Our landscaping services include

- Weekly/Biweekly Lawn Maintenance
- Weekly/Biweekly Edging 
- Blowing
- Flowerbed Maintenance
- Spring Cleanups
- Fall Cleanups
- Parking lot cleanups
- Parking lot maintenance
- Power Sweeping 
- Litter Control 
- Garbage Debris Pickup
- Pruning/Hedge Trimming
- Aeration 
- Top Dressing 
- Over seeding
- Fertilizing
- Mulch installation 
- Other general property maintenance


Weekly or Biweekly Cutting

Global Grounds excellent lawn care service is tailored to your lawns specific needs - highest attention to detail and equipped the latest equipment to take care of your lawn without damaging any turn

Flowerbed and Gardens Maintenance

Global Grounds provides weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance where we cultivate, pull weeds, blow out any dead leaves or debris, and any other upkeep services required to your flowerbeds and gardens.
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Spring and Fall Cleanups

Flat rates for Snow Plowing offered monthly/seasonally - flat rate price guaranteed regardless of how many visits are required

Unlimited monthly Salt or Per Salt Application packages available.